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The stainless steel profile interrupts the capillary action of water and prevents it from penetrating through the eaves area between the metal roof and the roof structure. It thus serves as moisture protection for the metal roof. The innovative folding and perforation of the stainless steel profile drains the water into the gutter. It stops the capillary action and thus provides the highest possible protection against water penetration!


Private person & end user

A recurring problem with double standing seam roofs is water penetration. This is despite the fact that the eaves are designed in accordance with the guidelines and current plumbing regulations. The reason is the capillary effect, the suction effect of the water. Due to its innovative seaming and perforation, our capillary profile interrupts this suction effect and acts as moisture protection.

Surveyors & Architects

Our KAPIpro capillary profile can be used in a variety of ways on double standing seam roofs. It functions as moisture protection in different areas, such as eaves, dormers, recessed valley and many more. In order to achieve the highest possible dryness in the eaves area of the metal roof, it is absolutely necessary to insert the KAPIpro Compriband in the standing seam.

Markus Riedl and team We are awarded!

As a medium-sized company in the heart of Upper Bavaria, we act, after the company was founded, as a dealer for the, developed by the company founder Markus Riedl, KAPIpro capillary profile and associated Kompriband. We supply handicraft enterprises, Tinyhouse manufacturers and module house manufacturers. Architects, developers, experts and planners have our capillary profile installed.

Bayrischer Staatspreis
Bayrischer Staatspreis
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Innovation Handwerk 2022

Functionality and assembly explained (german)

Functionality and assembly explained (german)

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KAPIpro® sample box

1x capillary profile sample
1x Compriband sample
1x meter stick "KAPIpro"
1x 3-edge multigraph stick "KAPIpro"
3x brochure
1x business card

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