Markus Riedl Founder KAPIpro® Capillary Profile

Tinsmith | Roofer

  • Born 1976 in Freising
  • Working as a roofer and tinsmith since 1998

I have been working as a tinsmith and roofer for 25 years. During this time, I have uncovered many double standing seam roofs that had the same problem - dampness and water damage due to water pulling up in the eaves area, among other things. When we uncovered another wet roof, the idea came like a flash of inspiration to form the KAPIpro capillary profile in the way it is commercially available today. The first draft was made on the roof and I sketched it onto a piece of formwork.


About us

As a medium-sized company in the heart of Upper Bavaria, we act as a dealer for the KAPIpro capillary profile and the corresponding compressor tape developed by the company founder Markus Riedl. We supply craftsmen's businesses, Tiny house manufacturers and modular house manufacturers. Architects, property developers, experts and planners have our capillary profiles installed.

The capillary profile and Compriband, in combination, offer effective protection against water penetration in the eaves area.

As part of the IHM 2022 and our participation there in the special show "Innovation wins!", we won the "Bavarian State Prize" for special technical performance in the trade and the "Federal Prize" in recognition of innovative performance for the trade.

Our founder, Markus Riedl, has been working as a roofer and tinsmith in the Freising area since 1998. The recurring problem, despite the design of the eaves according to the guidelines and the current state of the regulations, was and is wet sheet metal roofs (double standing seam roofs) in the eaves and valley area. The idea for our award-winning profile came to Markus Riedl on the roof when he again discovered water damage caused by water penetrating the eaves area.

Our capillary profile was developed in-house. The award-winning stainless steel profile is produced by us.

German press reports about KAPIpro®

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