KAPIPRO® CAPILLARY PROFILE Eaves without suction effect

When metal roofs are opened, they are often wet above the eaves. Due to the innovative folding and perforation of the KAPIpro stainless steel profile, the water is drained into the rain gutter and no longer enters the roof structure. It interrupts the capillary and thus offers the greatest possible protection against water penetration!

Key data


  • Stainless steel profile V2A suitable for all common metal types* for double standing seam roofs

  • Dimensions: 1000 x 240 x 0.6 mm (0.8 mm on request)

  • weight: approx. 1100 gr. per metre


  • Compriband/sealing tape certified according to: DIN 18542 BG1/BGR

  • Dimensions: 1200 x 35/2–6 mm

  • Enough for: approx. 40 standing seams with 30 cm tape per seam

* Not suitable for galvanized sheets


So wird das KAPIpro Kapillarprofil eingebaut:

Beispiel Traufbereich

ATTENTION: Note on assembly

The KAPIpro capillary profile and compressor tape may only be installed by a plumber, roofer or master carpenter.


Our KAPIpro capillary profile

The stainless steel profile can be installed on double standing seam roofs, from a pitch of 3° and more:

  • Pitched roof
  • hip roof
  • Gable roof
  • mansard roof
  • and much more.

Further application possibilities

With double standing seam roofs, the stainless steel profile can also be installed here:

  • dormer
  • recessed valley
  • Bend in mansard roofs
Sustainable and resource-saving

Our capillary professional and Compriband help to save and conserve resources. Save valuable metals and building materials. Because a dry metal roof lasts longer.

Time-saving assembly

The installation of the KAPIpro capillary profile eliminates the time-consuming folding of the inlet plate with attached hooking lug, also called Swedish coulter. The profile makes a quick, clean formation of the eaves possible. This results in a low installation effort, with great effect and low costs.

Suitable for listed buildings

Our capillary profile is installed practically invisibly. The only thing visible is the drip channel, which is concealed by the rain gutter. The view of the listed building is not changed.

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KAPIpro® sample box

1x capillary profile sample
1x Compriband sample
1x meter stick "KAPIpro"
1x 3-edge multigraph stick "KAPIpro"
3x brochure
1x business card

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