KAPIPRO® KAPILLARSTOPP Avoid water damage in the metal roof

The roof structure is damp and has water damage. Despite optimal execution of the metal roof by a specialist company, such water penetration occurs in the lower area of the double standing seam roof, among others. Why is this and how can our KAPIpro capillary profile help?


The KAPIpro® capillary profile

is made of stainless steel and can therefore be combined with all common types of metal. An exception is galvanised sheet metal, as there is a possibility of contact corrosion here.

The KAPIpro® Compriband

was specially made for standing seam roofing and, with a width of 35 mm, fits perfectly. In order to achieve the highest possible dryness, the Kompriband is absolutely necessary.

Who can install it?

The capillary profile may only be installed by a designated specialist company. This includes:

  • Roofing and
  • plumbers and
  • if necessary, master carpenters

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Still uncertain? Order our sample box and let us convince you of the quality.

KAPIpro® sample box

1x capillary profile sample
1x Compriband sample
1x meter stick "KAPIpro"
1x 3-edge multigraph stick "KAPIpro"
3x brochure
1x business card

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